Art Foundation
Our recently launched art foundation was established to seek out the best up-and-coming aspiring artists looking to get into the exciting world of NFTs, gaming and so much more!
As 'Play-To-Earn' explodes around the world, people are finding new ways to generate income.
Player Driven World
Aaron Kraten
Aaron is a mixed media artist, using found objects such as refrigerator doors and discarded windows to dismantled doghouses and old street signs as well as using nontraditional paint media such as correction fluid. He prefers to use his hands to work directly with the paint, giving a textured quality to the work; it is intriguing to note that brushes are never used in any of his pieces. Aaron is a self-taught artist.
In the 'Player Driven World' you are the key!
Games Income
The lines between what is real and what is virtual depends on your lens.
Virtual Reality
Beyond the game itself, the community is the single most important aspect!
Web 3.0 will fundamentally change the world around you!
Community of Gamers
Crypto currencies are outpacing fiat and will soon replace them all together.
A never ending world of interoperable choices.
Blockchain also provides new means of being self employed.
Infinite Metaverse
Decentralising finance means that investments can soar!
Investment without Banks
Take your NFTs with you no matter what world you find yourself in!
NFTs Between Games
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