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15 September 2021
$LOCG KuCoin Staking Program
Five days ago, we launched an official staking program with Pool-X on KuCoin, and today was its last day running! We are proud to announce that over 60% of the pool has been filled by eager $LOCG holders!

So many of you are eager to get a hold of our NFTs that we can't wait to see what card deck you put together at the launch of our Card game! The Michael Carter-William cards will definitely help you stand out from the rest of the playerbase.

Community members and individuals who staked stand to earn the following:

  • 400–3,999 = Starter Prestige

  • 3,999–39,999= Starter Prestige + 4x Booster Regular (No MCW cards)

  • 39,999–79,999 = Starter Prestige + 4x Booster Prestige (20 MCW cards)

  • 79,000+< = Starter Elite + 4x Booster Elite (20 MCW cards)

Staking Details:

Pool cap: 10M token cap, 60 days 15% APR + 1x Starter Pack, minimum staking is 400 $LOCG.
LOCPOD Episode 3 Release With Seascape
LOCPOD is back with a new episode! Many of us are gamers, and if you game on PC, you've probably heard of Steam! What would it look like if Steam was decentralized and built on a blockchain? What would it look like for the platform developers, game developers, and players? Seascape is showing us exactly that.

LOCPOD co-hosts Khalid Shihabi and David Fried are joined by Kerel Verwaerde, the CMO of Seascape, an up-and-coming blockchain-based gaming platform that may change gaming as we know it!
NFT Digest
It's already mid-september and a lot has been happening in the crypto industry, and specifically the NFT industry! We started the month with heavy price and volume drops in the market, and it seems that we are in the midst of a renewed bull market! Catch-up on the latest NFT Digest before tomorrow's new issue to find out how that affected the NFT industry specifically.

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